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Whilst sharing happy memories over a dinner date, a couple slowly uncover the insecurities and vulnerability in their relationship.

‘Afters’ is an intimate portrait of a couple at breaking point. An unremarkable and everyday conversation quickly develops into something far more uncomfortable, exploring the awkwardness and subtlety of miscommunications, and fragility of repressed emotion in a relationship on the edge.

A unique split screen format offers a simultaneous observation of private emotions enacted in a public setting. This film comes from a series of unrelated short vignettes on love called ‘Portraits of a Utilitarian Love’, which explore fleeting moments of un-dramatic almost mundane events in life, highlighting the everyday and unglamorous side of love.


Director of Photography and Camera 1
Jonathan Brady

Assistant Camera and Camera 2
Dan Mears

Assistant Director
Richard Merrick

Sound Recording
Ian Rattray

Sound Assistant
Chikodi Nwaiwu

Sound Design
Joe Harbinson

Hair and Make up
Lucie Strong

Location Manager
Ian Marshal

Script Development
Hugh Brune


The Man
Luke Healy

The Women
Emma Perry

The Waitress
Emma Baxter

With Special Thanks To

The Clerkenwell Kitchen

Film Details

Running Time
8 mins 17 sec

Shooting Format

Apect Ratio

Vewing Format
MiniDV, DigiBeta, DVD,
Video File and others on request
Max Resolution (unscaled): 3840 x 1600

Date Finished

Production Location