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The Diary

Installation containing the audio diary of a future migrant as they deal with the effects of climate change, in particular, a rise in Wet Bulb Temperatures. It records their thoughts and feelings about living and working outside the city gates, how they are coping with living in slum conditions and the brutal nature of the manual work they have to do for poor wages. 

The installation contains a tape player with their recorded dairy, a hacked radio player with a distorted radio station from the city and beyond, and light which pulses and cuts out with the intermittent nature of the power in the area. 

The work is about what a potential near future might look like if climate change evolves to allow dangerous temperatures to rise and the gap between the rich and poor is allowed to continue to grow.

Created By

Ben Fredericks [Collaborations]

Mateus Domingos
Creative Technologist 

Rebecca Harvey-Hobbs

The Migrant
Tassawar Yasin

Sound Design
Angel Rossell De Pablos

Radio Music
Les Hayden

Additional Sound Credits

Public Domain Gramophone Track
Provided by:

Static Radio sound by kMoon CC BY 3.0:


Higher resolution installation photographs are available upon request as well as a 3D scan of the installation.

Photography by Ben Fleming-Dufour.