8 Mins 17 Sec; HD; 2013


Whilst sharing happy memories over a dinner date, a couple slowly uncover the insecurities and vulnerability in their relationship.


‘Afters’ is an intimate portrait of a couple at breaking point. An unremarkable and everyday conversation quickly develops into something far more uncomfortable, exploring the awkwardness and subtlety of miscommunications, and fragility of repressed emotion in a relationship on the edge.

A  unique split screen format offers a simultaneous observation of private emotions enacted in a public setting. This film comes from a series of unrelated short vignettes on love called ‘Portraits of a Utilitarian Love’, which explore fleeting moments of un-dramatic almost mundane events in life, highlighting the everyday and unglamorous side of love.

Film Details

Running Time: 8 mins 17 sec
Shooting Format: HD
Apect Ratio: 2.40:1
Vewing Format: MiniDV, DigiBeta, DVD, Video File and others on request
Max Resolution (unscaled): 3840 x 1600
Date Finished: 2013
Production Location: UK


The Man – Luke Healy
The Women – Emma Perry
The Waitress – Emma Baxter


Director of Photography and Camera 1- Jonathan Brady
Assistant Camera and Camera 2 – Dan Mears
Assistant Director – Richard Merrick
Sound Recording – Ian Rattray
Sound Assistant Chikodi Nwaiwu
Sound Design – Joe Harbinson
Hair and Make up – Lucie Strong
Location Manager – Ian Marshal

Script Development by Hugh Brune

With special thanks to

the clerkenwell kitchen

Formally titled “Compassion”