The Wait


Colour, Single channel, High Definition Video

The Wait is an informal vignette that explores the subtle yet charged emotions of everyday life. A woman enters an empty coffee house. She sits, scanning the room she enters deep thought. Time ticks by, subtle changes take place around her as she interacts with the waitress and ponders something; something that leads her to her final decision.

This film comes from a series of films by Ben Fredericks called Portraits of a Utilitarian Love. The films concern themselves with themes of ethics, love and emotions but the artist steers away from direct references and instead simply invites the audience to watch a story unfold.

Film Credits:

Written and Directed by

Ben Fredericks


The Women – Doris Lanz
The Waitress – Kirsty Wood


Director of Photography and Camera – Jonathan Brady
Assistant Director – Richard Merrick
Sound Design – Joe Harbinson
Sound Recording – Ian Rattray
Make up – Connie Atherton
Editing – Kumi Kamegawa and Andy Wan


Composed and Played – Christian Berg
Sound Engineer – Joe Harbinson

With special thanks to

The Oxford

With thanks to

Foteini Galanopoulou and Shape