Seventeen Nights

12 Mins; HD; 2014

Meet Adam. Quiet, solitary, secretive. That is, until new neighbour Evelyn crash lands outside his door looking for a new life. She spends her time dating; he spends his time waiting. Over seventeen nights they grow ever more intimate but how close can they get? Seventeen Nights is a tender love story played out across the hallway of two opposite flats.

Based on a short play script, and filmed in and around a theatre set, Seventeen Nights is a stylistic, original short film that tells a theatrical story through the intimacy of film, using setting and dialogue that is stripped bare.

Film Details

Running Time: 11 mins 45 Sec
Shooting Format: HD (1920 x 800)
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Viewing Format: Blu-Ray, DVD, Video File and others on request
Production Location: UK

Directed by

Ben Fredericks

Written and Produced by

Mark Sands and Ben Fredericks


Evelyn – Helen Jessica Liggat
Adam – Craig Carter


Cinematographer – Giacomo La Monaca
Editor – Scott Edwards
Music – Olivia Thomas
Sound Recording – Michael Clayton Jr
Assistant Camera – Mateus Golebiewksi
Set Design – Armelle Ramage, Kimberley McBeath, Hanna Bowe
Costume – Esme Curtis, Anna-Maria Dworaczyk
Hair and Make up – Sarah Harrison
Production Assistant – Callum Featherstone

With thanks to:

Kerry Bradley, Joanna McCaul, Marc Thomas, Dave Horn, Hillary Baxtor, Daniel Dutton and David Webster

Supported by

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